Bond Financial was established in 1971. A firm of Corporate Finance Consultants encompassing nearly 50 years of International business and finance experience.

It is because of this level of experience in the International Corporate Finance market that companies seek our services for Finance Consulting.

We offer unparalleled solutions to complex financial challenges, excelling in situations that require extraordinary service, creativity and flexibility. 


Project Financing / Early Development Financing

Do you have the next multi million dollar idea, have you set your plans into motion, but just need that investment to get you on the road to success.

The Bond Financial management team has been involved in business ventures encompassing a vast array of industries, and we welcome any viable project for consideration of funding.

Our international knowledge and experience covers many complicated aspects of ‘cross border’ lending and, greatly assists us to determine the viability of a project and where applicable, to guide the investee to present their project in the best way possible so as to capture the attention of a suitable investor.



Improve your Cash Flow

Invoice Financing

Managing your cash flow is one of the most important parts to the success of any business. If you issue invoices for goods or services to other businesses and find yourself waiting 30/60/90 days or more to be paid, then Invoice Finance can offer immediate benefits to your business.

Invoice Discounting

Similar to factoring, but tailored to larger businesses, funding millions. Where we will leave the control of collecting payments up to you. 

We aim to have up to 90% of the value of your invoices released to you, where you can choose between 12 to 24  month repayment periods.


Factoring is a financial service in which the business entity sells its accounts receivables to a third party at a small discount in order to rapidly raise funds to meet its present day cash needs.

Factoring bridges the gap between issuing invoices and actually getting paid.  Converting your accounts receivable into immediate cash to make payments or purchases. 

Factoring provides access to up to 90% of the value of your outstanding invoices, while your credit control is managed and payments are collected from your customers. Giving you immediate cash without having the stress or unpleasant task of chasing payments.

Recruitment Agency Financing

Have you successfully placed personal and are awaiting payment from your client?

Recruitment financing can help you ease the pressure of cash flow constraints, while a team of experts manage your payroll and credit control, giving you the time to focus on bringing in new business.

Construction Financing

Because Bond Financial understands the unique characteristics of the construction sector, as well as the specific needs of contractors with customers on extended payment terms. We arrange the best support for your company by organising the advancement of cash against your applications for payment and invoices raised at completion. This allows you to meet your payments throughout the various stages of a contract and take on more work, knowing you have a reliable source of funding in place.

Export Finance

International deals can take months to organise and are often of very high value. We understand that the hardest part of a deal is actually getting the deal. We aim to help you with the second hardest part… Finding the means to fulfil the deal.

We arrange the release of up to 85% of the value of your invoice and get you faster access to the funding even before the buyer has taken delivery of the goods. 

There is no limit to available funding, and our service will even help with collection of payments from overseas customers. The option to use foreign exchange services to minimize currency fluctuations is also available and highly sort after. 



Paying up front for brand new equipment or machinery is expensive and puts an undue strain on your cash flow. Utilising credit facilities, the equipment is purchased outright on your behalf thus you don’t have to bear the upfront costs. 

You then repay manageable amounts over a period of time. At the end of the term the asset is yours. 

You can also refinance your existing assets. This can unlock the value in assets you already own to release cash to develop your business or improve your cash flow and stability. We can also consolidate your existing credit facilities into a single package.


Leasing is a great option if your business relies on high value equipment that needs to be upgraded on a regular basis. Keeping up with the latest developments in technology or replacing vehicles and plant equipment regularly can be expensive and the risks of depreciation can add to this burden. To help with this we can arrange to buy the asset you need and lease it to you, helping you manage your cash flow more effectively. 

You can also lease assets you already own. This can unlock your investment in the high value items and release cash to develop your business or improve your cash flow and stability. We can also arrange to consolidate your existing leasing facilities into a single package.


Business Development Management

Our business development services sets a long-term strategy to successfully grow your business. Providing added value from customers, markets and relationships. 

We have the experience from many successful small businesses who are on their way to becoming major players in their respective markets. Our Team of highly experienced individuals can provide guidance on everything from product development to market deployment to wholesale distribution. 

Our prime objective is for you to achieve your success.


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